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Top 10 RPA Use Cases in Banking Indusrty

The Food and Beverage industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. That’s why staying in communication with your patrons is a critical component to the sustainability of your business. Regardless of the popularity of your brand in your community, keeping top of mind with your customer base is essential to the longevity of your business and the key to sustaining a healthy, recurring revenue.

Explore how we helped a US-based leading food company – McDonalds to automate their food delivery mechanism.

The food service app development requires a professional workforce, time and resources. Careful planning and learning your users’ needs clarifies a lot of important cornerstones. The point is that you need to target not only the clients but restaurants and couriers as well. Covering all their needs is the proven business strategy that focuses on how to make a food ordering app that can become a successful market competitor.

Project Overview

McDonalds wanted to keep their customers attentive, engaged and loyal through personalized offers & promotions according to the users’ behavior, demography, past purchase experience etc.
Bellurbis has extensive experience working with large international companies. However, the task of personalizing interactions with millions of McD customers was a new challenge. One that we were excited to take on.

Their Challenge

  • They wanted to keep their customers attentive, engaged and loyal through  personalized offers & promotions according to the users’ behavior, demography,  past purchase experience etc.
  • They also wanted a platform where they can track their ROI on marketing  campaigns.
  • They wanted to reach out to a wide audience by exploring new channels for which  they needed mobility presence.

The Solution

Our team proposed and then designed and developed Customer Engagement Platform  which has the following components:

Following components were delivered

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