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Transformation isn’t always easy, and technology shouldn’t stand in the way. Drive operational agility and open new revenue streams through trusted data exchange and workflow automation beyond your organization boundaries.

Engage INEO’s expert engineers to develop smart contracts, web & mobile apps, MVPs, POCs, tokens, NFTs, layer-2 scaling, wallet integrations and more. We don’t just build on-chain, we develop all the supporting infrastructure to enable any blockchain product.

Using blockchain technology will allow banks, payment systems, and big corporations to avoid intermediaries, reduce costs, reinforce security, and make banking more efficient.

Learn how INEO is creating new technologies and leveraging them to build a positive impact on the world.

How does blockchain work for business?

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is the integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology, and deep industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership.


Shared ledgers are updated only after the transaction is validated by all relevant participants involved.


Once a block — the record of an event — is approved, it is automatically created across the ledgers for all participants in that channel.


More blocks can be added, but not removed, so there is a permanent record of every transaction, which increases trust among the stakeholders.


Only authorized entities are allowed to create blocks and access them. Only trusted partners are given access permission.

Business leaders will see how blockchain can help build more efficient processes and new financial models. This practical guide includes industry-specific use cases and insights. Preview at no cost and save 50% on the full download or print edition.


Remove friction, build trust and unlock new value across businesses and industries with the power of INEO’s Blockchain Experts. What will we solve together? Explore more.

Blockchain Application Development

Our products dynamically scale with your application to meet the demands of your users.

Ineo helps to improve the reliability and performance of our service and saves us, developers, time and resources so you can focus instead on accelerating core product development.

Our products dynamically scale with your application to meet the demands of your users.


The most popular platform allows you to develop a blockchain application and create your own ecosystem with a language called Solidity.


If you need a corporate tool for exchanging data within your own company, Hyperledger is great for you.

R3 Corda

Corda is a platform for creating permissioned blockchains, and the best thing about it is that you can easily integrate it with legacy systems


This platform is extremely fast and allows up to five transactions per second, created for the one who plans to use financial tools

We're the leading provider of Web3/ development services for startups and enterprises.

We build dApps and smart contracts on solid foundations. Some of the significant tech stacks and SDKs that our developers are specially versed in are:

1. MEAN stack i.e., MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS/Angular, and Node.js

2. Web3 SDKs like web3.js,, and ethers.js

3. Blockchain network: Ethereum, Polygon, Near, Cosmos Sdk and much more.


Web3 applications are built on decentralized networks. Therefore, the records are tamper-proof and cannot be altered by any compromised security or hacking.

Augmented, Reality, Virtual Reality and Blockchain Technology

AR and VR space are investigating ways to harness blockchain technology to give virtual items and assets unique properties and value. Some, like Verses, SuperWorld, and Arcona are experimenting with merging AR and blockchain technology to sell virtual real estate. Others, like Lampix, are working on using computer vision and AR along with blockchain technology to track virtually represented data between users and businesses like cafes, bars, and restaurants.

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